2018 Season Farm Subscriptions

How subscriptions work

1.Select your Subscription

($16 / Week)
1-2 people
Great for couples too
Bring local to your table
Sold Out
($32 / Week)
3-4 people
Fresh seasonal produce
Bring local to your table
Sold Out

2.Create Account & checkout

Our new online system will allow you to easily track your subscriptions, orders and trades.

3.Wait for the season

Deliveries will be on a weekly basis beginning June 30th and concluding September 29th.

4.We estimate the harvest

We will contact you with the week's products so you can start trading with other subscribers.

5.We harvest

We harvest at the optimal time to ensure freshness.

6.We deliver your produce

We will drop off your subscription on Saturdays at 11 AM at The Growler Guys.

7.Pick up your produce

Pick up your produce any time after 11 AM on Saturday and enjoy farm fresh produce!

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