Frequently Asked Questions
We strive to bring you a wide variety of produce throughout the seasons. However, with hail, frost, pests and other natural causes, the selection may vary. View a sample list.

Every week we will place seasonal produce in your online basket and send you an email listing the contents. If you would like to remove or add items, you will be able to trade with other subscribers online.

Note trading is optional, you do not need to trade if you are happy with the contents of you basket.

Harvest excess will be added to the exchange that will also be available to trade.

Your produce basket will be harvested weekly and will be delivered to Growler Guys each Saturday at 11 AM. You can then pick up your fresh produce throughout Saturday.

You can pay on a yearly or monthly basis.

If you pay for the entire year before March 1st, you’ll receive a 10% discount. We only have 15 open subscriptions, so this will secure your spot!

If you pay on a monthly basis, we require a $32 non-refundable deposit that will be applied to the first month’s payment.
$128.00 July / $160.00 August / $128.00 September

If you are unable to pick up your produce basket, please notify us 48 prior to delivery by email, phone, or online.
Yes. Please call Emily at 208-597-6086 from 5pm-8pm to arrange cancellation.
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