Farm-craft Brewery

In the pursuit of flavor

We started Lone Mountain Farms with the dream of growing fields full of flavor. This has turned into a diverse farm of produce, hops and rare grains. Now, we are excited to be using those flavorful ingredients to craft you a farm beer like no other.

Unique Grains

We are always trying out rare and unique grains from all over the world with the quest for the most flavorful grains we can grow. In a typical year we trial over 30+ new different varieties of wheat, barley, spelt, emmer, einkorn, millet and many others. The best go on to be propogated into production in the coming years.





Lone Mountain Farms is located in a prime location for growing hops and grains. This allows us the unique opportunity to offer estate beers grown and brewed by the same farm. You can truly taste our area's terrior through our farm-craft beer!

We grow over 10 varieties of hops to give the most diversity to our beer bittering and aroma. We cultivate mostly older varieties including; Sterling, Willamette, Centennial, and Mt. Hood. We have developed our own variety of Golding we call Lone Mountain Golding which has super unique flavors and aroma.

Flavorful Hops

Farm-craft Brews

Our list of beers is always changing, see what is fresh!

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