Who we are
Our Farm

Luke and Emily are growing a variety of vegetables, berries, hops, grains, and chickens through sustainable and organic practices. Our chickens are free range and produce beautiful eggs free of GMOs.

We began farming in 2010 in North Idaho to facilitate our desire to grow delicious healthy food and work outdoors. Currently, we are cultivating approximately 5 acres of vegetables, berries, hops and grains for individuals, restaurants, and schools.

To provide delicious and healthy food, we farm through sustainable and organic practices. Crop rotation helps mitigate pests and disease naturally, cover crops help replenish the nutrients in the soil, and drip irrigation helps water conservation.

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What we Offer

Eating fresh, local, and seasonal produce is now easier than ever. Through our weekly farm subscriptions you can receive a variety of produce and other products to help bring more flavor and nutrients to your table.